The Mid-term Results – A Reflection

Why I am Encouraged by Last Night’s Results

So, the Democrats regained control of the House, but the Republicans gained seats in the Senate. I suppose this election result will spawn angst and disappointment, mixed with joy and celebration in the hearts of many, regardless of party. Mixed outcomes are bound to produce mixed emotions.
Some may find it strange, but I see this through the eyes of encouragement.
While I would have liked a different outcome in some of the contests, the split results are not unexpected. To me, they are a strong indicator that our representative republic is not quite yet on life support. The tides of political forces ebb and flow in natural waves, washing the shores of public policy with the cleansing power of change. Too much power in too few hands inevitably sours into a mess of poisonous corruption if not challenged by opposing forces. Parties and Presidents are all human, and power corrupts them all if held too long.
The genius of the American system is the self-correcting wisdom of “the people.” I have seen this evidenced in every election cycle of my lifetime. I think we saw it again last night. But, lest any should rejoice too much, beware. The next election is always just over the horizon.
Live with integrity. Serve with honor. Love the people.